What Is a Mini Facelift?

/What Is a Mini Facelift?
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What Is a Mini Facelift?

The majority of skin and tissue damage that occurs on the face due to environmental exposure and aging is localized to the lower third of the face. This portion of the face contains the narrowest portion of the skull’s bones and has the smallest amount of supportive muscle tissues. Elective mini facelift procedures are viable options for men and women wanting to treat sagging profiles through professional cosmetic surgical treatment.

Normal full facelift surgery includes the treatment of tissues in every part of the face. This can create a potential for scarring and long recovery periods. A Mini facelift concentrate on the areas of the face that have the most radical effects on appearance. This includes the mouth, cheeks, chin, neck, and lips. Gravity and exposure tends to wreak havoc on these facial areas the most. Simple corrections for the tissues in these areas create marked improvement in overall appearance. This is why a great facelift surgeon will recommend a mini procedure over full facelift surgery.

Most mini facelift procedures include simple and discreet incisions along the hairline around the areas of the ears. This is in severe contrast to the sometimes invasive cutting of full facial cosmetic procedures. Making incisions along hidden portions of the hairline allows easy extraction of loose extra skin, removal of unwanted fatty deposits, and nearly unnoticeable sutures. It also provides easy access to glands around the mouth and jaw area that are sometimes repaired during mini facial surgeries.

Best of all, mini facial surgical procedures provide maximum beautification and restoration results with minimal recovery time. Most people who undergo this type of localized facelift procedure will experience minimal swelling and only a few weeks of recommended recovery. Of course, follow-up doctor visits will be necessary, but most mini facelift operations exceed patient expectations.

The most important factor in deciding to have a cosmetic procedure is choosing the right facelift surgeon. The most experienced surgeons will be able to use tests and digital visualization technologies to predict a post-op look. This is an incredible evolution from the past when cosmetic surgeons elected to perform full facial surgeries over select procedures. It is extremely important to find a surgeon who can accurately determine if a mini lift is an appropriate procedure to address skin aging and sagging concerns. Satisfaction, and a patient’s improved self-image, should be a cosmetic surgeon’s main focus, so mini lifts should always be considered a viable option for most people.

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