Special Considerations for a Male Facelift

/Special Considerations for a Male Facelift
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Special Considerations for a Male Facelift

The number of men undergoing nips and tucks is rapidly rising every year. While some treatments/procedures may be similar across the board there are special considerations for men undergoing facelift surgery.

Men not only show the signs of aging differently from women but have more limitations when it comes to facelift surgery. Length of hair and facial hair means that the surgeon must be very precise with incision placement and where lifted skin is placed in order to better disguise any scarring. While positioning is very important, men tend to have coarser skin on the chin and neck which can help hide the appearance of some scars.

A facelift is designed to tighten and contour the skin for a younger appearance. For men, this gives the result of a stronger, younger appearance as the areas around the chin and jaw-bone are contoured and lifted.

While men may have different things to consider when choosing to undergo facelift surgery, it is a great way to enhance their professional appearance and boost confidence both personally and professionally!

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