Summer Skincare Tips for After Your Facelift Surgery

/Summer Skincare Tips for After Your Facelift Surgery
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Summer Skincare Tips for After Your Facelift Surgery

What should you do after your facelift surgery? Skincare after facelift surgery can make all the difference in achieving the best results. Summer skincare tips for after your facelift surgery.

Proper Moisturization

For the first week or so, you will need to concentrate on stopping the bleeding and swelling. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon will tell you when you can start normal bathing again. Your skin is continually perspiring to regulate your body temperature. Naturally, during the summer you will perspire more. It is important that you drink plenty of water. This will allow your body to heal your skin. You should also use a couple of different types of moisturizers to help your skin repair. After facelift surgery for Miami residents, you will want to minimize the chances of infection. There are special lotions and oils that are clear, without any additives. Vaseline Intensive Care is a particularly good product. This coats your skin immediately. It is cool to the touch and has no additives that could lead to infection. You might want to use oil instead of lotion, since most lotions have perfumes in them. Make sure to moisturize after you bathe to replenish your skin’s oils.

Adequate Sunscreen

Have you ever seen grass that has had something sitting on it all spring? It tends to be very tender and can be damaged by too much intense sunlight. Your skin will also be very tender. It might be best to cover it with a scarf when you go outside. You might need a sunscreen of SPF 40 or so. Find one that blocks alpha and beta sun rays. Unfortunately, if the SPF is too high, it might block the pores according to WebMD. Facelift surgery in Miami will involve some tenderness and redness in the areas where incisions were made.

Skincare After Facelift Surgery | Healing Nutrients

Proper skincare after facelift surgery can improve your results. Ask any questions that you want of Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon. There are some Vitamin E topical skin creams that could be useful after your body starts to heal. Eat a healthy diet. These are some of the foods that are good for the skin after facelift surgery in Miami – oatmeal, dark chocolate, kale, walnuts, green tea, soy and coffee. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon takes great pride in his cosmetic surgery. Schedule a consultation to maintain, improve or perfect your beauty.

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