What Results Should You Expect From Necklift Surgery?

/What Results Should You Expect From Necklift Surgery?

What Results Should You Expect From Necklift Surgery?

As your body grows older, the skin and muscles don’t have their previous bounce. In fact, you’ll notice sagging and skin folds developing across several key areas. Your neck is constantly being stretched and moved as you react to everyday activities. It makes sense that the neck will show its age much faster than other body parts. If you’re considering a necklift surgery in Miami, learn about what to expect as you go through the process.

Necklift Surgery: Pulling and Tightening the Neck Muscles

Necklift before and after photos are usually startling because the skin looks completely different. The basic concept behind the necklift surgery is strategic tightening of the muscles. Neck muscles become flaccid over time, which allows the surrounding skin to droop too. Doctors use the contours of your neck and jaw to move, alter and permanently fix your neck’s sagging conditions. Your profile will look years younger as a result.

Considering a Simultaneous Facelift

Be aware that your results from a neck surgery can be enhanced when you add a facelift into the procedure. Both of these areas are intricately connected. By altering the face at the same time as the neck, the entire upper body appears younger. Your doctor will cover any necessary details for your procedure. It’s not absolutely necessary to match the two treatments together, but you should consider it. You might be able to save some money on the combined procedures.

Necklift Surgery: Some Swelling and Bruising

Your initial results during necklift recovery are associated with healing. Your neck will have some swelling as a result of the incisions. Bruising might appear too as the skin and vascular sections calm down from the procedural stress. Be aware that this swelling-and-bruising period may last for several days afterward. Take some time off from work or school so that you can heal at home.

Necklift Surgery: Suture Removal

Doctors hide your sutures in the folds of the skin or along the hairline. They’ll be removed after five to 10 days. The swelling should be down by then, which allows the doctors to move into the area without any obstacles. Minimal scarring occurs with the sutures removed. After a few more weeks, you should be able to return to your normal activities with a brand-new neck.

If you’re ready to change your look, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Kelly, our necklift surgery Miami specialist. As an expert he will offer you a comprehensive analysis of your options, and you can select the procedure that works for you. In a matter of a few weeks, you’ll have a brand-new look that brightens your features.

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