Rejuvenate With a Lower Face Facelift in Miami

/Rejuvenate With a Lower Face Facelift in Miami
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Rejuvenate With a Lower Face Facelift in Miami

Without gravity, you would simply float up into the air and your facial features would remain high, tight and youthful. With gravity, your cheeks, lips and chin skin might start to droop. Why don’t you consider rejuvenating your appearance with a lower facelift in Miami?

Droopy Visage

When your facial features start to droop, you might look like you are permanently frowning. It is kind of a sad result, especially if you are a really happy, positive person. Unfortunately, it can have many negative ramifications for your social and work life. Wrinkles can also make you look like a Grumpy Gus. You don’t want everyone to think you are a Grumpy Old Man, do you? Turkey jowls can also be off-putting. You might start to look like a mutant from the Avengers. Thankfully, a lower facelift Miami surgeon can help you tighten those features. You can regain control over your facial expression to ensure you are sending the right message.

Lost Communication Abilities

A supervisor needs to use his face to send the right message to his workers. His facial expressions will identify if he is happy, sad or angry. The same is true for mothers. Children will immediately react to their mom’s facial expressions. Wrinkles and sagging jowls make you look angry all the time. With facelift surgery in Miami, you can raise up your features. Dr. Michael Kelly, facelift surgeon, will make incisions behind your ears and smooth out your wrinkles. Any excess fat or skin under your chin can be removed at this time. After your lower face facelift surgery, when you smile everyone will smile with you. Your facelift will make you look younger and more energetic. This could spark your career or love life.

Rejuvenate Face with a Facelift in Miami

In many ways, sagging facial features can be like soft brakes. When you press your foot down, soft brakes might go all the way to the floor. You can’t stop quickly. The same is true for your facial features. Instead of sending a happy message in an instant, you send a sad, droopy message. You cannot adjust your facial expressions quickly. Regain control of your ability to communicate with nonverbal signals. Whether you know it or not, your facial expressions send important messages to the world. Gravity tends to make features sag. We can help with a lower facelift. We can tighten up your face and tighten up your life.

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