Patience Is Key to a Healthy Recovery After Your Facelift in Miami

/Patience Is Key to a Healthy Recovery After Your Facelift in Miami
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Patience Is Key to a Healthy Recovery After Your Facelift in Miami

It is important to follow all discharge instructions following your facelift surgery to avoid unwanted complications. Some facial bruising and swelling is normal directly postoperative. These symptoms might become more pronounced for about three days. Most bruising and swelling subsides within two weeks, but the amount or presence of bruising and swelling depends on the areas of the face that were worked on. Those getting lower eyelid lifts might have darker bruising and more facial swelling around the eyes. The key to recovery after facelift in Miami is patience!

Facelift Recovery Symptoms

While most individuals worry about their facelift recovery symptoms, remember that the majority of patients are up and about within 2-3 days. A major part of any swelling and/or bruising declines in one week. It may take up to two weeks for all of these symptoms to abate. Almost all patients feel good enough to go out into public after two weeks have passed. Patients should avoid heavy lifting and bending over for several weeks. When patients awaken in the recovery room, they might have a pressure bandage and small tube drains to drain excessive blood and other fluids.

Facelift Recovery Tips

This dressing is typically changed the next day when the patient returns for the first follow up visit. Any pain will be noticed in the early days following surgery. Pain medication will be given to make the patient comfortable. Sutures are usually removed in approximately 5-7 days, and any staples are removed in 10 days. If sutures were placed in the mouth, a special diet will need to be followed. Patients will experience grogginess, and possibly slight nausea, immediately after the procedure. Nausea medication is available, and patients typically sleep more that first day due to lingering effects from the anesthesia.

Recovery after Facelift in Miami

Patients may notice some numbness or tingling sensations in the face especially around the ears and chin areas. This often resolves gradually over two weeks, and some patients might experience these sensations for up to a year in extreme cases. For patients that have diabetes or other chronic ailment, the recovery might be slower. Proper precautions will be taken in these situations. Antibiotics are given after surgery to decrease risk of infection. A few patients might notice some facial dryness for awhile. It is critical to avoid exposing suture areas to sunlight for 12 months and to avoid smoking. Follow all directions from your facelift surgeon exactly. Contact Dr. Michael Kelly to schedule a consultation and to discuss your recovery after facelift in Miami Florida.

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