How to Prepare for Your Facelift Procedure With Dr. Michael Kelly

/How to Prepare for Your Facelift Procedure With Dr. Michael Kelly
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How to Prepare for Your Facelift Procedure With Dr. Michael Kelly

There are few things in life that can be as pivotal as a facelift procedure in making your beauty shine. As you prepare for your facelift surgery in Miami with Dr Michael Kelly, consider these few considerations. When you plan ahead, you optimize your potential for having ringing success.

Things to Buy for Facelift Surgery

Take a lot of before pictures. You should have some fun with your facelift surgery. You know that you can achieve a better look – now document it. Some share pics on Social Media – if you have a smartphone, you should be able to make videos, easily enough. Show all sides of your facelift before and after. Create a solid vantage point. Purchase some extra ice, toss some spoons in the freezer and prepare for a little swelling and redness, initially. A great tip is to have a makeover right before the procedure. Due to swelling, you might not be able to apply makeover, directly after the face lift.

Take Time Off From Work After Facelift Surgery

Don’t you deserve some time off from work? This is a big life change, you might as well have some me-time to fully recover. You will have some bruising, redness and swelling. We will schedule check-ups to see how the healing is proceeding. There is no need to try to juggle time with work – just take a couple of weeks off. This will also allow you to rest easier. You might need to be more careful about sleeping for the first couple of days. Some patients buy an airplane pillow to elevate their face. This ensures that your results will not be mashed into your bedding while tossing and turning.

Psychological Expectations for Facelift Surgery

We know you are excited about your facelift surgery – you have a good reason to be so. Nevertheless, during the recovery you will need to curb your enthusiasm. You should not engage in any extraneous activities during recovery. These increase blood flow and the goal is to minimize blood flow, bleeding and swelling. So, grab a couch and watch some good movies. You can even watch some casual movies that might put you to sleep. Get your beauty sleep and wake up as the new and improved version. Prepare well to get the best results from plastic surgery. Dr Michael Kelly wants your Miami facelift surgery to be a ringing success. Control your beauty – control your life.

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