What’s The Difference – Necklift Vs Neck Liposuction

/What’s The Difference – Necklift Vs Neck Liposuction
  • Necklift Vs neck liposuction

What’s The Difference – Necklift Vs Neck Liposuction

I want to improve my unsightly neck with cosmetic surgery. What’s the difference – Necklift Vs Neck Liposuction in Miami. What are the advantages of each procedure?

Miami Necklift Procedure

The necklift procedure is a way to help you remove turkey jowls and sagging muscles under your neckline. The basic necklift surgery will involve the making of incisions behind each ear. The goal will be to separate the skin from the underlying tissues, fat and muscles. Dr Michael Kelly plastic surgeon will remove the excessive fat and tighten the fascia to the outer edges of the platysma muscles. This can help you gain a tighter, more youthful shape to your neck. Necklift surgery recovery time will include the removal of stitches within the first week. A necklift surgery will remove excess skin and can tighten sagging neck muscles. It is a more complete procedure than a neck lipo. It might be recommended for those who are older or have less healthy skin tone.

Miami Neck Lipo

Just like a necklift, neck liposuction can deliver a sculpted jawline. The lipo procedure is faster than the necklift procedure. Therefore, it might be better described as a body contouring method for removing excess fat under your neck. Instead of having fat hanging down under your chin, this procedure can give you more of a 90-degree angle where your neck meets your jaw. Women might like a more petite-looking jawline. Men might like a more square jaw line. This procedure is ideal for patients who have good skin tone. This simpler neck liposuction procedure might be more effective with younger or healthier patients.

Necklift Vs Neck Liposuction

What do you want to accomplish? How much time do you have? How is your skin tone? These are key factors in deciding which cosmetic procedure is the best. Necklift vs neck liposuction – both procedures will help you look better. The full necklift will solve more dramatic issues, including tightening the muscles under your jaw. Dr Michael Kelly plastic surgeon is experienced in both types of necklift procedures. Necklift vs neck liposuction – decide which is right for you. Or, if you want to discuss your issues with us, you can schedule a consultation. We also have necklift before and after pictures, which might help you make the best decision.

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