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neck lift Surgery in Miami - Dr. Michael Kelly
neck lift surgery in Miami - Dr. Michael Kelly

An increasing number of people are opting for necklift surgery. One of the earliest signs of aging is excess fat around the neck that can impact the visual contours of your neck. As we age, skin excess also starts showing up and on thinner necks, vertical muscle bands can start to appear. Due to neck flection, horizontal skin creases can develop as well. All of these contribute to advanced signs of aging.

All of the aforementioned issues can be surgically addressed. Excess fat can be removed with liposuction or direct excision, excess skin requires skin removal (which can be performed during a facelift or necklift), muscle surgery can address any issues with vertical muscle bands and horizontal skin creases can be soften by the skin elevation component of the facelift.

The type of necklift that you will receive will depend on your unique situation. For example, a younger patient may have a bit of excess fat in the neck and chin area. A plastic surgeon may choose to address this with liposuction by using small incisions by the chin and ears. The neck can also be contoured by removing the fat below the skin surface in this area.

An older patient who has the same problem of excess fat in the neck and chin area, however, might not have the same level of skin elasticity as the younger patient. In this case, the surgeon might advise that in addition to the liposuction, the patient should also have a bit of skin removed from around the ears so that the excess skin can be moved in the direction of the incisions for a larger lift. The fat and skin removal can help significantly sharpen a jawline to give a patient a more youthful appearance.

Patients with thin necks will usually show signs of aging around the muscle bands. In this case, you will see prominent vertical lines that run from underneath the chin down the neck. This makes a neck appear older. Many times, a surgeon will address this by making incisions in front of the ears and under the chin to lift the skin. Reducing the prominence of the vertical muscle bands can make a significant improvement in restoring a youthful appearance to a neck.

Dr. Michael Kelly is an experienced necklift surgeon and he tailors each surgery to meet the individual patient’s needs, which allows for a better outcome for a variety of facial types. For more information about the necklift procedure or necklift recovery, contact Dr. Michael Kelly today.

necklift surgery Miami - Dr. Michael Kelly

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