What Results Should You Expect from Necklift Surgery?

/What Results Should You Expect from Necklift Surgery?
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What Results Should You Expect from Necklift Surgery?

As you age, you might see some dramatic changes in your lower face and neck. These might not be the most attractive features and you might contemplate necklift in Miami. What results should you expect from necklift surgery in Miami?

Tighter Skin

Have you ever marveled at the soft, supple skin of babies? When you are born, your body has optimum collagen production. This collagen keeps your skin elastic, flexible and supple. When you smile or open your mouth, your facial muscles are moving your skin. Once you reach a certain age, your skin does not return to its previous shape as easily. It gets stuck in place and wrinkles might develop. The necklift surgery can be used to tighten your skin. This will help you look younger and more vigorous. Many men and women consider cosmetic surgery to counteract negative implications of their mid-life crisis.

Fat Removal

Gaining and losing weight does not always lead to equal distribution of your body’s fat. You might have a little extra fat and tissue in your face after you have lost weight. This might make your jowls stick out. Your cheeks might look puffy. The necklift for Miami residents can be used to remove excess fat. The best thing to do is to review necklift before and after pictures. Look for someone with similar facial features as you. Then, you can see for yourself, what is possible. It will take some weeks to complete necklift recovery, but your Miami cosmetic surgeon will schedule frequent checkups. He can also prescribe pain medication. Ask him any questions you want. He is a professional with plenty of useful information.

Square Jawline with Necklift Surgery in Miami

Turkey jowls or bulging neck muscle strands don’t look very good on anyone. They might look like you are permanently scowling, like you are angry with someone. They also tend to make people look tired. Another key benefit of the necklift procedure is to recreate a strong jawline. For women, the neck muscle strands become less pronounced. They look more smooth and well-defined. For men, the necklift surgery can give them a more squarish jawline. People will associate rugged good looks with strength. This youthful vigor can be vital to a healthy social and work life. If you have any questions, contact us for a consultation. The necklift procedure can be used for tightening skin, removing excess fat and creating a more squarish jawline.

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