Necklift Surgery or Liposuction?

/Necklift Surgery or Liposuction?
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Necklift Surgery or Liposuction?

It might not be fair, but people might judge you based on your appearance. Do you suffer from fat hanging down from your neck? Which is better for you – Miami necklift surgery or liposuction?

Feel Good with Miami Necklift Surgery

Every day, you interact with a number of different people, including friends, strangers and co-workers. Many people will jump to conclusions based on how you look. For some reason, neck jowls, strained neck muscles and turkey jowls just don’t look the most favorable. Turkey jowls tend to be associated with being inactive and slothful. Of course, you might be very energetic; but, people still might assume the opposite based on your appearance. Over time, certain people will suffer from more of these ailments. With necklift surgery, you can regain control over your appearance. The right necklift procedure can lift all of your features higher and tighten some of the loose neck muscle strands. A necklift in Miami contours your body.

Fixing Turkey Jowls with Necklift Surgery in Miami

Liposuction can be done on any part of your body. Neck liposuction can be completed relatively quickly. Through tiny incisions, a tube is inserted to remove any excess fat. You might be able to return to full activity within 2 weeks of liposuction. The liposuction technology emphasizes fat removal, not improving body contours. If you have more extensive issues, then necklift surgery Miami is preferable. The necklift procedure allows us to remove excess fat and tissue, then we tighten up your neck appearance. This might be especially useful if your sagging neck line is due to old age.

Necklift Surgery vs Liposuction

You might think of liposuction as a quick short-term solution, while a necklift surgery is more of a long-term solution. The Miami necklift surgery is more sophisticated than a simple liposuction. We can accomplish more and contour the entire area under your neck. Liposuction might be faster. If you are only worried about excess fat, then liposuction might be enough. If you have more extensive issues, then a full necklift surgery in Miami is preferable. Dr Michael Kelly Miami can explain what is possible during a consultation. Dr Michael Kelly Miami is one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation, according to the “Miami Metro Magazine.” Dr Michael Kelly Miami does not believe in the cookie cutter facelift, so he individualizes each surgery to your facial characteristics. Remove excess fat, skin or tissue from your neck to regain your youthful appearance.

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