Neck Chords and Skin Laxity – Why it Happens and What to Do About It

/Neck Chords and Skin Laxity – Why it Happens and What to Do About It
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Neck Chords and Skin Laxity – Why it Happens and What to Do About It

When you age, there are a number of unseemly conditions that might arise. Wrinkles could lead to turkey neck, double jowls, double chins or neck chords (neck bands). Why do neck chords appear? What can be done about it? Is necklift surgery in Miami right for you?

Correct Loose Neck Skin with Necklift Surgery

Gobble, Gobble is the sound made by turkeys, but you might not want people to start saying this behind your back. Unfortunately, when wrinkles appear in your neck line, they can diminish your good looks. Everyone has neck cords – these are muscles connecting the face, neck and chest. These allow you to tilt your head up and down. When you are young, these are hidden under taut skin. Over time, the collagen in your skin is reduced, so your chin and neck skin become looser. As a result, you might be left with unseemly protruding neck chords. Sadly, these protruding neck bands look like you are frowning or scowling, all the time. Some might get the impression that you are sad, angry or depressed. Some call these grandparent neck bands. So, what can be done about these bulging neck cords?

Collagen Replacement with Necklift Surgery

There are many ways to treat neck bands, including collagen replacement and Botox. After a car accident neck injury, you might want a more permanent necklift solution. Every circumstance is different. You can discuss your situation with Dr Michael Kelly of Miami. He can assess your appearance and show you necklift in Miami before and after pictures. He wants to find the right necklift procedure to solve your problem.

Miami Necklift Surgery

If you want to look strong, fit and beautiful for work and play, then you might consider a necklift in Miami to deal with bands, jowls or turkey neck. Unfortunately, some people might not be honest about their changed perceptions of your appearance. They might simply not consider you to be as young, spry or energetic as someone without these unseemly neck conditions. Discuss which necklift surgery is right for you. Do you want a temporary or permanent solution? Our necklift surgery professionals have the tools to enable you to live life on your terms. You can prevent your neck from looking like your grandparent’s neck with a life-affirming necklift in Miami. Contact Dr Michael Kelly in Miami to schedule your consultation. Make a great impression in your neck of the woods by trusting Dr Michael Kelly of Miami.

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