7 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Your Necklift Recovery

/7 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Your Necklift Recovery
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7 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Your Necklift Recovery

It is natural to have necklift recovery questions and we are ready to answer them. You can make the best decision when you have more information. Here are 7 questions to ask your surgeon about your necklift recovery.

  1. How many necklift procedures have you done?

Of course, you want a consummate professional, like Dr Michael Kelly of Miami to do your procedure. The results can vary dramatically. Find someone whose before and after pictures resemble your condition.

  1. What issues can be fixed with necklift surgery?

Generally, men with sagging neck muscles and turkey jowls can have these corrected by necklift surgery. This removes excess fat and tissue, tightening up your muscles to give you a more squarish jaw.

  1. Where will the incisions be made?

We know that you want any scars to be hidden. Miami social life can be intense. Our goal is to place the incisions in areas where your facial hair will cover them.

  1. Will the necklift leave a scar?

Any resulting scar will depend on the person, procedure and incision. Patients can reduce scar tissue with creams and massage once the area has healed properly.

  1. Is bleeding an issue with a necklift in Miami?

Because men are larger, they have more vessels in their faces. Therefore, bleeding is one of the key concerns during necklift recovery. You must reduce your activities to minimize blood flow. We will schedule regular check-ups to see how the healing is progressing.

  1. How long is the necklift recovery time?

We know you want to hit the Miami beaches as soon as possible. Necklift recovery time also varies by person, but after 2 weeks the bruising and swelling are vastly improved. Thereafter, you should protect the area from sun and water when you go out in Miami.

  1. When can I return to work?

All of the necklift recovery questions involve some leeway, depending on each patient’s circumstances. The same is true for going back to work after your necklift procedure. You don’t want to turn your head quickly. If you have a desk job, you might return after 3 weeks. For more strenuous work, ask Dr Michael Kelly in Miami directly.

Necklift Recovery Questions by Dr. Michael Kelly

Contact Dr Michael Kelly in Miami to schedule a consultation and to discuss all your necklift recovery questions you might have. Once you have your answers, you can make the most informed decision about whether the necklift procedure is for you.

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