How to Treat Bruising After a Necklift Procedure

/How to Treat Bruising After a Necklift Procedure
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How to Treat Bruising After a Necklift Procedure

What should be done during necklift recovery? Are bruising, swelling and tightness, the primary issues? Discover how to treat bruising after a necklift procedure in Miami.

Ice is Nice After Necklift Procedure

Swelling, bruising and tightness are common in the first couple of days, but should improve gradually. Before the procedure, you could visit the hair salon and create a low maintenance look that will be good for a couple of weeks. Men might not feel like shaving around the neck. Women might not feel like doing their makeup due to tenderness. Dr Michael Kelly plastic surgeon can make the incision point near the hairline, so it can be covered up when your hair grows back. Fill the freezer with ice – cubes and packs. You could even fill up some old socks or nylons with ice cubes to place around your neck.

Elevate Head While Sleeping

Eat healthy. You might want to purchase soft foods and soups, just in case there is soreness in your jawline. Using a multivitamin at this time might be wise too. You can be assured of getting all of the essential nutrients to rebuild your body. Drink plenty of water. Doctors also suggest that you quit smoking. Smoking can dry out your body, making it harder to heal. Elevate your head while sleeping. You don’t really want to toss and turn on your pillow during the evening – this could agitate the sutures. Have you seen those head pillows found on airlines? Some use these for necklift procedure recovery. For the first weeks, you might want to sleep sitting up in a reclining chair. You will have regular follow-up checkups. Sutures might be removed after 10 to 14 days.

Avoid Strenuous Activities after Necklift Procedure

Instead of turning your neck to view something, turn your entire body. Don’t try to bend over or engage in heavy lifting – minimize strenuous activities during necklift surgery recovery. You don’t want to increase blood flow, which could make the swelling worse. You could use a scarf and hooded sweatshirt to hide the bruising. These are also could for protection and warmth. Dr Michael Kelly plastic surgeon will prescribe the right pain medication. Contact Dr Michael Kelly plastic surgeon to help you improve your life. The best necklift procedure can revitalize, refresh and re-invigorate your existence. Enjoy all that life has to offer.

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