How Long Will Necklift Procedure Results Last?

/How Long Will Necklift Procedure Results Last?
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How Long Will Necklift Procedure Results Last?

Many individuals begin to notice that the tender skin and underlying muscles of the neck start to sag as they get older. Gravity plays a significant role in the development of loose jowls and a less tighten jawline. Other reasons for this commonly called “turkey neck” condition include genetics, weight gain and other health issues. Individuals can get impressive results from undergoing a necklift procedure. View our necklift procedure results before and after photo gallery online or make a consultation today to learn more!

Overview of a Typical Necklift Surgery

The purpose of a necklift surgery is to lift up, tighten and trim excess skin tissue in the neck region. Often, the underlying neck muscles will also need to be targeted for a leaner look. Many surgeons offer liposuction of fat deposits under the chin, and there are some revolutionary fat-busting treatments that can also be utilized. Sometimes, a patient may have significant lax muscle tone of the neck and enlarged submandibular glands that more experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Michael Kelly can also address.

How Long Will My Necklift Procedure Results Last?

It is important for individuals contemplating a necklift to realize that the stunning results can be reversed if they gain weight in the future. This cosmetic procedure should not be used as just a weight loss method. It is crucial for patients to live a healthier lifestyle that includes nutritious and proportioned meals, proper sleep and a regular form of exercise to keep the impressive necklift results longer. Gravity will still cause any loosened skin to sag sometime in the future. Taking care of the skin on the neck and upper chest can also aid in keeping the splendid necklift procedure results for a very long time.

Why Finding a Reputable Miami Plastic Surgeon is Recommended

When searching for a reliable and seasoned plastic surgeon to actually perform your desired necklift, remember that there is a certain amount of artistic skill involved in delivering remarkable after surgery results. Someone less experienced might pull up the skin and/or muscle tissue too tight. This can result in that artificial appearance that patients don’t want. Only deal with a surgeon that takes the time to evaluate your unique situation and relay their professional opinion in an easily understood format. Scores of Miami women and men are undergoing effective necklift procedures and other cosmetic treatments. Schedule a revealing consultation appointment with Dr Michael Kelly plastic surgeon and view our necklift procedure results before and after photo gallery today.

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