Tips for Planning Your Necklift Procedure Recovery

/Tips for Planning Your Necklift Procedure Recovery
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Tips for Planning Your Necklift Procedure Recovery

Preparation is the secret to enjoying the best cosmetic surgery results. Learn what supplies to purchase and how you should rest after necklift surgery. Discover useful tips for planning your Miami necklift procedure recovery.

Health & Beauty Tips

Your face, neck and skin will be tender after your necklift procedure. To prepare for the necklift procedure recovery time, you should purchase plenty of ice. You can buy ice cubes, ice flakes and frozen peas. It might be wise to buy some baby wipes. You will also need intensive care oils, without any colors, additives or preservatives. Our surgeons will provide you with a prescription for pain medication after necklift procedure Miami. Cosmetic surgeons recommend that you stop taking aspirin about a week before necklift surgery because aspirin can increase bleeding. Those who have undergone the procedure suggest that you purchase an airplane pillow. You might need to elevate your head. You don’t want to roll in the middle of your sleep and tear your stitches. For the first couple of days, you might need to sleep in a reclining chair.

Necklift Procedure Recovery Time Tips

Your Miami necklift procedure recovery time will depend on which procedure, you select. With the mini necklift in Miami, you might need to take about 7 to 10 days off from work. Make sure to have someone pick you up after the procedure. This is because you will not be able to turn your tender neck. If you turn your neck, then it could rip out the stitches. You will also need to carefully protect your neck wounds. Your previous skin will have a protective coating growing over it. You should eat foods that are high in protein to aid recovery. These include peanuts, meat, chicken and fish. If you go outside, cover your neck with a scarf to prevent damage from sun, rain or the elements.

Enjoy Beautiful Necklift Procedure Results

You can enjoy the best results, when you prepare carefully. Dr Michael Kelly Miami necklift procedure specialist will listen to you during your consultation. Ask him any questions. He has performed many surgeries and has dealt with it all. Plan ahead and you will get the best results. Dr Michael Kelly Miami is a well-respected expert in the industry. He will provide you with prescription drugs and schedule regular check-ups to observe how you are proceeding. Look your best with cosmetic surgery.

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