Mini-facelift or Full Facelift? Here’s How to Decide

/Mini-facelift or Full Facelift? Here’s How to Decide
  • Mini facelift vs full facelift

Mini-facelift or Full Facelift? Here’s How to Decide

Miami plastic surgeons have a variety of cosmetic procedures available. Mini facelift vs full facelift – which is best? Here’s how to decide.

Full Facelift Characteristics

The full facelift is a way to correct sagging, wrinkles and loose skin due to aging, weight change or damage due to accidents. The full facelift procedure involves incisions around the ears. Our board certified surgeons seek to minimize scars, so we try to place them in areas where your natural skin will hide them. The skin of the middle to lower part of your face will be lifted up, so that the excess skin and fat can be removed. The full facelift can make your face more shapely, contoured and tighter. This can make you look much younger.

Mini Facelift Characteristics

People are so busy, nowadays. They might have a special event or dramatic performance and want a quick cosmetic procedure to remove wrinkles. Models, actresses and celebrities might have a photo shoot. They want to deliver the best photographs. They can consider the differences between the mini facelift vs full facelift for Miami residents and decide which is better for their purpose. The mini facelift surgery (also known as the S-lift) is ideal when speed is an issue. It involves smaller incisions and less movement of fat underneath the skin. Less tissue is removed. Instead of involving the middle and lower part of your face, the mini procedure only involves one or the other. Some endoscopic techniques (fiber-optics and miniature instruments) might be used to reposition skin, muscles and tissue. As a result, men and women can have much faster recovery times.

Which is Better – mini facelift vs full facelift ?

Which is better – mini facelift vs full facelift in Miami? The mini facelift recovery time should be faster. Some will refer to this as the “weekend facelift” because you can get back to your normal schedule, very quickly. Generally, the mini facelift surgery will lead to less bruising and swelling. It is called same-day surgery. Therefore, men and women who don’t want a long recovery process might prefer the mini facelift procedure in Miami. The full facelift procedures might have more dramatic, long-lasting results. After a car accident, you might need to heal your neck or back pain from the injury. We can help you with the right facelift surgery. Determine if a mini facelift surgery is right for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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