Your Mini Facelift Procedures and Recovery Questions

/Your Mini Facelift Procedures and Recovery Questions
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Your Mini Facelift Procedures and Recovery Questions

How does a mini facelift differ from a regular facelift? Learn the characteristics of the mini facelift procedure from Miami Plastic Surgery. Get your facelift recovery questions answered today.

Facelift Procedures

The cosmetic surgery industry has done its best to listen to the public and tailor procedures to their busy schedules. We have learned that people want fast facelift procedures. They have busy lives and might want to get an immediate change in their appearance for a special event that is fast approaching. The mini facelift procedure can reduce the amount of time you miss from work. This is going to be best for fixing some minor appearance problems that you have. You might want to simply have your skin tightened and remove a few wrinkles. Our professional Miami surgeon will be able to concentrate on the areas that you want to emphasize. It is important to note that you cannot do as much with the mini as you could do with a full procedure.

Best Mini Facelift Procedure Candidate

We recommend that you live a healthy lifestyle with good diet and exercise routines. We don’t want to offer cosmetic surgery as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Cosmetic surgery can fine tune or contour your appearance. Therefore, we believe that the best mini facelift candidate will be in good health, active and care about their appearance. You might have already had a full facelift procedure done and want to simply fine tune some features. You might want to look spectacular for an upcoming photo shoot or movie. We can show you mini facelift before and after photographs, so you know what to expect.

How Long is Recovery?

The reason why the mini facelift procedure was created was to minimize down time. Some will call this the “weekend” facelift. Of all the facelift procedures, this is definitely the fastest. Although people will heal differently, we would characterize the average facelift recovery at about 7 to 14 days for the mini. The incisions are more subtle. The primary goal is to give you a little tighter skin and sharper look. If you want to get in and out quickly, we can help. You can schedule a consultation today, if you want. We are trying to provide you with the best cosmetic procedures that fit your hectic schedule. We valuable your time and know that you want to look amazing as soon as possible.

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