Self-conscious About Your Neckline? Here’s How a Necklift Can Help

/Self-conscious About Your Neckline? Here’s How a Necklift Can Help
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Self-conscious About Your Neckline? Here’s How a Necklift Can Help

Some of the best candidates for getting a beautifying procedure designed to surgically “lift up” the neck are unaware that such a solution is possible. Anyone planning to undergo a surgery under general anesthesia should have their doctor ensure that they are in good health. It is crucial for patients to have a realistic expectation of what their surgeon can accomplish with this surgical treatment. Both men and women can reduce or eliminate the thickened neck bands commonly referred to as “turkey necks” that older individuals often begin to notice as they become older. It is better to take steps to lose any excess amount of weight to get the most benefit from this contouring Miami necklift surgery.

Benefits of undergoing a Miami Necklift Surgery

Choosing a local plastic surgeon in the Miami area for this neck surgery offers more benefits to the patient. Selecting a local plastic surgeon is convenient, and the patient is nearby in case of any complications during the healing process. Many residents in this gorgeous Florida locale tend to dress for the warmer weather typical here. Individuals embarrassed of wearing lower cut tops, dresses, bathing suits or other neckline revealing garments can also benefit from this procedure offered by top area surgeons.

What Does the Surgeon Do During a Necklift?

This Miami necklift procedure attempts to tighten sagging neck skin and the loosened underneath neck muscles and other structures. The surgeon works to contour or shape the neck and trim off excess skin and/or fat tissue. The end result is a natural looking and more youthful appearing neck. These underlying structures can be expertly manipulated into the desired contour by an artistic plastic surgeon with the necessary advanced training for this type of surgery.

Reasons to Choose Dr Michael Kelly Plastic Surgeon for Your Cosmetic Miami Necklift

There are some compelling reasons to choose Dr Michael Kelly plastic surgeon based in Miami. His expertise on the complex anatomical corrections required to achieve those natural results that patients desire following any sort of facial or neck cosmetic procedure is key when searching for a qualified surgeon. Many patients opt to get a facelift along with their neck lifting surgery to maximize the stunning result potential. Contact us, and setup your confidential consultation about undergoing Miami necklift surgery.

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