What Issues Can a Mini-facelift Fix?

/What Issues Can a Mini-facelift Fix?
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What Issues Can a Mini-facelift Fix?

The term “mini-facelift” is used to indicate lifting and tightening skin tissue on just the lower portion of the face, and this surgery can also be done with a neck lift to fix sagging jowls and loose neck skin. The Miami Mini Facelift procedure is less invasive, and it involves just the dermal skin layers typically without getting into the muscle structures.

Benefits of Undergoing a Miami Mini Facelift

There are many solid benefits of undergoing a Miami mini facelift as opposed to a full facelift surgery. The mini procedure is done much quicker, and the patient will have less downtime during the Miami mini facelift recovery time. This cosmetic surgery is an excellent choice for younger patients that don’t show the extensive facial skin changes that occur due to aging and/or harmful environmental exposure like too much sunlight, extreme weather temperatures and other conditions. The surgery can include concurrent eyebrow and neck lift procedures for an even better result outcome.

Common Miami Mini Facelift Recovery Time Expectations

Many Miami residents are considering or have already undergone a mini type of facelift that may or may not include other beneficial cosmetic treatments and/or more cosmetic surgeries. It is essential to select a top-rated plastic surgeon with the required background, advanced skills training and extensive favorable experience in performing this procedure that necessitates a steady and gentle hand. Choose a surgeon that will customize your surgery to ensure the best overall after surgery results. This procedure might require a short 1 to 2 day hospital stay, or the patient can be discharged after recovery monitoring for several hours immediately following the surgery. Since only the dermal skin layers are manipulated, most patients report little to no initial bruising, swelling and other discomforts.

Finding a Leading Miami Surgeon Skilled in Mini Facelift Surgeries

Always select a board certified plastic surgeon with the proper credentials to perform many types of cosmetic surgery including a mini style facelift. To perform a desired Miami mini facelift surgery properly, the surgeon should have the necessary skill set, operative training, extensive real time experience and recommended certifications. Many plastic surgeons are able to show their prospective patients what their potential results will be via 3-D technology imaging. Contact our office to schedule your initial no-hassle consultation appointment for your possible mini facelift surgery with a leading Miami located plastic surgeon.

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