The Focus Areas of an Upper Facelift

/The Focus Areas of an Upper Facelift
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The Focus Areas of an Upper Facelift

It is easy for anyone researching the details of the various cosmetic lifting procedures involving the face to become confused. Surgeons and others use different terminology to indicate the type of cosmetic surgery that they will be performing. Always find a board certified Miami Facelift plastic surgeon that offers a thorough consultation and assessment appointment, and be prepared to ask for detailed information regarding your individual situation.

What are the Most Common Types of Facelifts?

The most common types of these facial cosmetic procedures include upper, mid and lower facelift options. Adding to the terminology confusion, some use the term mini-facelift to describe the stretching of facial skin on the lower portion of the face without involving the underlying muscle structures. These terms roughly describe the facial area that will be targeted.

What are the Focus Areas Targeted in an Upper Facelift Surgery?

In an upper face lift surgery, the surgeon will target the uppermost region of the face. This is generally used to describe a forehead and/or brow lift. This procedure can be done concurrently with a mid or lower face lift procedure as well. An upper face lift is used if the forehead has exceptionally prominent wrinkles, creases and/or has a drooping eyebrow area. Men and women can undergo this effective procedure, but men should be especially careful when choosing their surgeon as they will need one with enough experience performing male Miami Facelift surgeries. Men have different hairline locations and facial hair growth areas that require specialized knowledge of the appropriate surgical incision location options and other advanced facial plastic surgical techniques.

Can Another Procedure be Done at the Same Time as a Miami Facelift Surgery?

Yes, other cosmetic procedures are often done together with the different Miami facelift surgeries. This could be an eye and/or brow lift, neck, jowl and under chin procedures among other cosmetic treatment options. The patient should express their surgical expectations during the initial consult appointment.

How To Find the Best Miami Facelift Surgeon

Finding the perfect plastic surgeon that would be best for your particular face lift case is key in achieving the greatest post-surgical results. Choose a facelift surgeon well trained and seasoned in the finer surgical techniques that Miami facelift surgery requires. Contact us via phone or online for further information soon.

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