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Dr. Michael Kelly – Facial Plastic Surgeon in Miami

While Dr. Kelly is skilled with all cosmetic surgeries, his favorite surgery is face and neck lifts. He prides himself on being able to achieve consistently good results in a variety of facial types by tailoring the procedure to the individual and not using a cookie cutter assembly line approach. In addition, he is frequently able to help patients who are unhappy with their results after surgery elsewhere. Dr. Kelly is able to consistently get these good results through his use of fat grafting to restore facial volume and working on the deeper structures of the face when needed. While other surgeons tend to shy away from these innovative techniques, Dr Kelly finds them essential to achieve optimal results.

Kelly’s high patient satisfaction ratings are an outcome of his more than 20 years of practice and his ability to learn the most advanced techniques in the industry. By performing fat grafting on the areas that need volume replacement – commonly the cheeks, temples, eyelids, and jawline – he is able to give patients a more youthful, yet natural look. Additionally, he treats other structures that contribute to an aged appearance – the platysma muscles, sub-platysma fat, digastric muscles, and submandibular glands – that many surgeons don’t have the training or experience to correct.

Before surgery, Dr. Kelly has a thorough consultation with each patient to analyze their needs and understand their goals, so he can meet their expectations. He can also allay their concerns and make sure surgery is the appropriate choice for them.

He always prioritizes patients’ safety and satisfaction. In his words,

“I always have two goals with surgery. The first is that it be done safely, and the second is that the patient be happy with the result. We want to achieve that in every case.”

Of utmost importance to Dr. Kelly is his patients’ happiness after surgery. A lot of his patients reveal that their greatest concern was that they wouldn’t look like themselves after surgery. He continually hears how they are so pleased once they see the results and glad they chose to have the surgery. His biggest compliment is hearing that his patients say they `look like refreshed version of themselves, as he always strives for natural looking results.

  • Kelly earned both his Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Illinois.
  • His General Surgery residency was served at Rush Presbyterian – St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago and his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency was at City Hospital in Nottingham, England, and at the University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital.
  • Dr. Kelly is a member of multiple organizations including the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Greater Miami Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Florida Medical Association, and Dade County Medical Society.
  • He has been named a “Top Doctor” in local, regional, and national publications every year since 1992.
  • He has lectured around the world on facelift and necklift surgery and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the FIU School of Medicine
Dr Michael Kelly - The Best Plastic Surgeons in America
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