14 08, 2018
  • Miami Facelift

The Focus Areas of an Upper Facelift

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It is easy for anyone researching the details of the various cosmetic lifting procedures involving the face to become confused. Surgeons and others use different terminology to indicate the type of cosmetic surgery that they will be performing. Always find a board certified Miami Facelift plastic surgeon that offers a thorough consultation and assessment appointment,

7 08, 2018
  • Miami Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift or Botox? Here’s How to Decide What’s Right for You

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Many people desire to get a cosmetic surgery or treatment to improve their facial appearance. Botox injections are a minimally invasive treatment to fill in facial creases, wrinkles and other mars. Some individuals are interested in undergoing a Miami mini facelift surgery, but they are unsure what this procedure offers by way of benefits. What

31 07, 2018
  • necklift procedure results

How Long Will Necklift Procedure Results Last?

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Many individuals begin to notice that the tender skin and underlying muscles of the neck start to sag as they get older. Gravity plays a significant role in the development of loose jowls and a less tighten jawline. Other reasons for this commonly called "turkey neck" condition include genetics, weight gain and other health issues.

20 07, 2018
  • Miami Mini Facelift

What Issues Can a Mini-facelift Fix?

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The term "mini-facelift" is used to indicate lifting and tightening skin tissue on just the lower portion of the face, and this surgery can also be done with a neck lift to fix sagging jowls and loose neck skin. The Miami Mini Facelift procedure is less invasive, and it involves just the dermal skin layers

4 07, 2018
  • Facelift Costs Guide

Facelift Costs – a Quick Guide

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Many Miami, Fl area residents and the local medical community trust Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon to deliver exceptional cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kelly specializes in facial and neck plastic surgeries among other cosmetic procedures. His talent and motto to give each patient a customized care plan continues to pay off with many happy and satisfied

26 06, 2018
  • facelift procedure

When Is the Right Time of Life for a Facelift Procedure?

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As cosmetic surgery procedures are perfected, they can be used to accomplish so many things. Facelifts are becoming commonplace for those who value beautiful appearances. When is the right time of life for a facelift procedure in Miami? Your Beauty Brand Now that you can better control your looks, you can create your own special

20 06, 2018
  • necklift surgery recovery

Tips for Making Your Necklift Surgery Recovery More Comfortable

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What should you do and what should you buy before your necklift surgery? Learn 3 valuable tips for making your necklift surgery recovery more comfortable from those who had the procedure done. Preparation pays off. Necklift Surgery Recovery Tip #1: Various Types of Ice Anything worthwhile takes time and your necklift procedure is no different.

13 06, 2018
  • mini facelift procedure

Your Mini Facelift Procedures and Recovery Questions

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How does a mini facelift differ from a regular facelift? Learn the characteristics of the mini facelift procedure from Miami Plastic Surgery. Get your facelift recovery questions answered today. Facelift Procedures The cosmetic surgery industry has done its best to listen to the public and tailor procedures to their busy schedules. We have learned that

6 06, 2018
  • necklift surgery

What Results Should You Expect from Necklift Surgery?

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As you age, you might see some dramatic changes in your lower face and neck. These might not be the most attractive features and you might contemplate necklift in Miami. What results should you expect from necklift surgery in Miami? Tighter Skin Have you ever marveled at the soft, supple skin of babies? When you

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