Returning to Your Active Lifestyle After a Male Facelift

/Returning to Your Active Lifestyle After a Male Facelift
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Returning to Your Active Lifestyle After a Male Facelift

Many men decide to undergo a facelift to improve their appearances and to look younger. There are crucial differences in performing a facelift on a male rather than a female. Active men who spend a lot of time outdoors are more susceptible to environmental and weather conditions that can make facial skin look older. Make a consultation with Dr. Michael Kelly to learn more about the male facelift recovery process at Miami Plastic Surgery.

Understanding the Differences of a Male Facelift Surgery

Most guys want to preserve their facial characteristics that make them look decidedly male. The prospective male patient should select their plastic surgeon carefully to ensure that their facelift results don’t make them appear more feminine or otherwise unnatural. Men often have hair growth on their faces, and even the position of their hairlines where sutures are commonly placed differ from their female counterparts. It takes a talented plastic surgeon who has extensive training and actual experience in male facelifts to achieve a masculine and natural looking result.

Pertinent Details Regarding Male Facelift Recovery Expectations

Men that live active lifestyles are naturally concerned about what to expect during the male facelift recovery phase. Most patients will stay in the hospital for 1-3 days, and they might feel mild discomfort that will be alleviated with medication and by following the post-operative recovery instructions. To speed the healing, patients should quit smoking and avoid alcohol use during the male facelift recovery period and afterwards to keep the desirable results longer. Swelling and bruising can be minimized by proper icing and other recovery measures, and most patients resume their normal social activities within 1-2 weeks. In a typical male facelift recovery, guys are able to resume more strenuous activity within 3 weeks or less.

How to Find a Qualified Male Facelift Surgeon

The selection of your preferred plastic surgeon is essential in getting the type of natural and still masculine results. Search for a Miami based surgeon able to prove the necessary skills and experience in delivering facelift procedures for males. Ask to see previous patient before and after photographs in order to get a realistic and in-depth understanding of this cosmetic procedure popular among the male population living in and around the Miami area. A skilled plastic surgeon is able to carefully place the closing sutures in a way than minimizes swelling, healing discomfort and other possible recovery situations. For further details about facelift surgery and the male facelift recovery process, contact us for answers.

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