Male Facelifts – 5 Popular Questions Answered!

/Male Facelifts – 5 Popular Questions Answered!
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Male Facelifts – 5 Popular Questions Answered!

Cosmetic procedures are traditionally associated with beauty and feminine interests. These procedures include certain types of augmentation, manipulation, and accentuation. Some facelift for men procedures can cross gender boundaries, though some stigma about them still exists. Read five male facelift questions answered below!

Men are “faced” with the realities of things like age, and its ability to wreak havoc on the skin. With each passing decade a man notices that his facial features can change in unexpected ways. Brows can deepen with harsh lines. Jowls can sink. Turkey necks can start to appear even though a man’s age does not reflect the change.

Male facelift questions are common just like they are with women. A facelift is absolutely appropriate for men who wish to retain a youthful look. Certain unanswered questions keep most men from experiencing the transformational power of a simple facelift procedure.

Will A Facelift Make Me Look Feminine?

Smoothness and evenness are qualities that are best worn by women. There are many factors that contribute to a feminine look. Eliminating a few hard lines and sags on a permanent basis however, will not transform a man into a soft and couture sprite. Male facelifts address weak face muscle problems, skin that has lost degrees of elasticity, and uneven skin draping. The result of a Miami facelift is the erasure of years of life, not a full transformation.

Do Facelifts Interfere With Beards?

Facial hair styles are both a modern fashion statement, and a sign of natural masculinity. A facelift procedure might include the rearrangement of how skin drapes on skull features, but never interferes with the nerves, pores, and follicles that make a beard look natural. In fact, a facelift might give a man the opportunity to grow a beard that looks more debonair, and appropriate for his stature.

Will A Facelift Make Me Have Downtime At Work?

Most male facelifts have a minimal post-surgery recovery time. Generally, this is one to two weeks. Expert surgeons can minimize bruising, and there could be a prescription for staying out of the elements. Elective facelift recovery facelift surgeons perform have very short periods compared to other cosmetic procedures.

Can I Change a Very Specific Area?

Yes! When men decide to have facelifts, they tend to concentrate on one problem area. This could be a sunken brow, rough eyelids, drooping cheeks, or a problem hairline. It could even be a specific facial area damaged in an accident, or from other medical treatments. Miami surgeons can pinpoint the exact spots where facial problems occur, and execute simple alterations to eliminate them. Most men do not want a full transformation. They only want noticeable improvement. Spot alterations are common and advantageous for men.

Do Many Men Have Facelifts?

In 2016, the ASPS reported that more than 12,000 men in the United States underwent facelift procedures. Facelifts are increasingly more common for men because of the expertise of surgical specialists, and the understanding that cosmetic surgery isn’t just a female pursuit.

Male Facelift Questions Answered by Miami Plastic Surgery

Men in the Miami area are at an extreme advantage when it comes to undergoing certain cosmetic procedures. Typical surgeries are performed in local offices, and are only arranged after expert consultations with a world class surgeon. There is no reason a man should think that traditional masculine ideals should block his pursuit of a youthful appearance. A facelift could be just what a man needs to regain a sense of self-confidence and attractiveness. Contact Dr. Michael Kelly for more male facelift questions you may have before your procedure!

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