What Men Are Looking for from Facelift Procedures

/What Men Are Looking for from Facelift Procedures
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What Men Are Looking for from Facelift Procedures

Men and women share some concepts of beauty, but differ on others. The two complement one another. Learn what men are looking for from male facelift procedures.

Thick Skin

You might have heard the saying – “you need to have thick skin.” Well, men actually have thicker skin physically. This might be associated with testosterone. The male body is meant to be rugged, strong and durable. Men need to work hard in the fields. They might need their strength to lift heavy tools. Besides thick skin, men also have larger bodies. Men have more blood vessels in their facial region, which can be an issue during facelift recovery. Unfortunately, thick skin is not as pliable as thin skin. Therefore, feminine skin is usually easier to arrange into unique shapes and looks.

Youthful Vigor with Male Facelift

Both men and women want to look youthful. Therefore, the removal of wrinkles is a key goal for a male facelift. Men want to be seen as rugged, reliable, vigorous, energetic and determined. They do not want to be seen as old or worn out. Re-establishing the look of youthful vitality, during a midlife crisis, can be a common purpose for men’s facelifts. Many men are also more individualistic. While women might want to look like a certain celebrity, men might want to simply be their own man. They want to look like they did when younger.

Rugged Squarish Jaw with Male Facelift

The feminine shape is curved, the masculine shape is straight. This is what the Creator intended. In this way, men and women complement one another. Therefore, while women might seek a more feline, curved facelift, men want a squarish jaw. A firm jaw makes men look strong and determined. It is similar to boxers. Males will seek a more rugged, handsome look for their male facelift surgery. A squarish jaw looks like a man can take a punch. He is strong and can conquer any challenges thrown at him. Therefore, men are more likely to be worried about sagging fat under the neck – turkey jowls. The male facelift procedure is more likely to focus on the lower part of the man’s face. No matter what you need, our facelift surgeon can help. He can also discuss facelift recovery. You can project the image that you want the world to see. Contact us and schedule a consultation to discuss what you want for your male facelift.

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