What Is a Lower Rhytidectomy?

/What Is a Lower Rhytidectomy?
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What Is a Lower Rhytidectomy?

Some of these cosmetic surgery procedures can use names that are a bit confusing. What exactly is a lower rhytidectomy procedure? What issues can it fix?

Turkey Jowls

No one really wants to have the ill effects of aging, called turkey jowls. Instead of having tight, strong neck muscles, the muscles start to droop under your chin. Excess fatty deposits under your chin can make this even worse. What clothes can you wear to hide these? Some women might wear scarves, men might wear high collars. Wearing ties might cause people to focus on this area of your body. Unfortunately, clothing might not do a very good job of hiding these sagging neck muscles. You might not feel comfortable going to the Miami beaches. Necklift surgery might allow you to go out in public without feeling so self-conscious. Rhytidectomy means neck surgery. With lower necklift surgery, you can enjoy an improved jawline. Your muscles will appear to be tighter.

Neck Bands

Everyone has neck muscles, but not everyone’s neck muscles look like they’re bulging. As you age, the strong skin, muscle and tissue starts to soften and sag. What you might have left are bulging vertical neck bands that are the center of attention. This is one of the appearances that is associated with age. You might not feel old, but you might look old. These thin neck bands are associated with the loss of vitality, vigor and energy. A lower rhytidectomy can fix these abnormally shaped bands. Incisions are made under your chin and behind your ears. The thin neck muscles bands are tightened, while excess skin and fat is removed. A necklift in Miami could give you a spark.

Youthful Appearance with Lower Rhytidectomy

The world places a great deal of importance on appearance. People might make snap judgments based on how you look. In work and play, a youthful appearance evokes energy, strength and vitality. We can discuss your hopes for your neck and jawline. Both men and women might want to remove turkey jowls. Men might prefer a more squarish, commanding, authoritative jawline. Dr Michael Kelly in Miami will listen to your concerns. Lower Rhytidectomy Necklift in Miami can reinvigorate your life. Dr Michael Kelly of Miami can prescribe pain medication to assist you during necklift recovery time. Swelling and bruising will tend to decrease over a two week period. Everyone ages, those with cosmetic surgery don’t look like it.

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