Lower Facelift Surgery – Find Out What It’s All About

/Lower Facelift Surgery – Find Out What It’s All About
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Lower Facelift Surgery – Find Out What It’s All About

Plastic surgery has become more and more specialized. Each cosmetic procedure can target a very specific beauty issue. For instance, lower facelift Miami surgery – Find out what it’s all about at Miami Plastic Surgery.

What Does Lower Facelift Surgery Fix?

Gravity pulls all matter down, including your facial features. The lower face lift procedure (also called a mini face lift) will target unsightly wrinkles, sagging skin and excess fat under your jawline. Your Miami facelift surgeon will make a small incision and remove any excess fat, skin or tissue. Muscles will be tightened, along with your facial skin. The best Miami facelift surgeon can help you create a better contour for your jawline. Generally, you will have a shorter scar with this procedure. Therefore, your recovery time might also be faster.

Who Is a Good Facelift Candidate?

As you age, your skin and muscles will sag. You might have lost a tremendous amount of weight. Unfortunately, your face might not redistribute the tissue properly. Some individuals might suffer from turkey jowls, turkey wattle, sagging jowls or turkey neck. These tend to have negative connotations associated with them. They might not make you look the most focused, determined or energetic. Some of these traits might run in families, you might want to check old pictures of your grandparents. We can help you tighten, enhance and improve your neckline features. Our goal will be to give you a strong jawline. Men want a square jawline to exude confidence, strength and determination. We can show you facelift before and after pictures to show what is possible. These facelift before and after photographs show you the vast improvement that can be attained.

Combining Cosmetic with Facelift Procedures

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has advanced so that you can actually combine cosmetic procedures. We believe that you deserve individualized results. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon does not follow the cookie cutter approach. He will sit down with you and discuss exactly what you want. Then, we can point out the changes in facelift Miami before and after photographs to show you the difference. If you want a little tightening under your chin, then this mini procedure might be ideal. We can accomplish a lot more with modern cosmetic procedures in Miami. Discuss your issues during a consultation with Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon. We want you to be happy with your appearance.

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