Key Cosmetic Concerns

/Key Cosmetic Concerns

Key Cosmetic Concerns

Dr. Michael Kelly answer your questions about health, fitness, beauty and other wellness topics in the Islander News.

Questions asked and answered in this article are:

I am exercising every day at the community center, but can’t seem to lose weight, why is this?

I am just in my late 30s but my face is just starting to look older and more hollow.  I feel like it is starting to fall.  I don’t want a facelift but want to get my youth back, Any ideas?

I am so disappointed by the quality of my skin. I have spots, the texture is rough and it seems dry all the time.  I think my features look pretty good, but I am so distressed with my skin quality, What can I do?

View the answers here: Cosmetic Concerns article published in The Islander Post


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