Why to get a mini facelift procedure in Miami

/Why to get a mini facelift procedure in Miami
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Why to get a mini facelift procedure in Miami

Plastic surgeons in the Miami area, such as Dr. Michael Kelly from Miami Plastic Surgery, have helped many overcome their mini facelift procedures with minimal downtime. Facelifts may be combined with a neck lift, Botox, and fillers to complete the age reversal of the face. Although this procedure is mostly preferred by women, there are still thousands of men that elect to have the surgery every year.

Why a Mini Facelift Procedure

You may choose to have a mini facelift Miami procedure if your sagging is not severe and you want something minimally invasive. An incision may be made on the hairline and the skin will be lifted only slightly. This type of surgery is recommended over the others due to nearly non-existent risk factors.

Getting the Deep Plane Lift

The superficial musculoaponeurotic system is completely reworked with this intensive procedure. This system is the muscles and tissues involved for facial expressions, and facial expression exaggerates the aging process. With a deep plane lift, you will probably not need another surgery for decades. The incision will start from the hairline and extend all the way into the ear. This procedure has the longest recovery time and one of the highest costs.

Midface or Cheek Lifts

Targeting the cheeks will improve conditions in one of the worst spots for aging wrinkles. Replenishing depleted fat in addition to the lift will complete the process and turn back years of aging. Silicone fillers like Sculptra are also used in place of fat injections.

Mini Facelift Procedure The Dreaded Recovery

You should expect about 30 days of full recovery time, but only the first week will feel severe. Your doctor will probably prescribe you pain medication, which will give you some side effects including nausea and fatigue. Swelling will start to improve after four days. Once you have the ability to do so, it is important to move around so that you will increase blood circulation in the body. Contact your surgeon if you have an uneven distribution of swelling is seen on the face. Seek medical attention if you develop a severe fever during this first week.

Within the next two weeks, there should only be minor bruising around the face. Tingling or burning sensations are perfectly normal to feel on occasion during this period. After a couple additional weeks, the bruising and swelling will start to disappear. There may be minor swelling around the stitches but the rest should disappear. After a month, side effects from your mini facelift recovery should be nearly nonexistent and you may resume your normal daily life.

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