What’s a “first Facelift” All About?

/What’s a “first Facelift” All About?
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What’s a “first Facelift” All About?

The cosmetic surgery industry continues to expand its offerings. Now, there is something called a “first face lift.” What’s a first facelift all about?

First Facelift

It used to be that first facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) was all that people thought about. That was before the 24/7/365 cameras of the “paparazzi” and Social Media of today. Now, men and women need to look their best, at all times. Thankfully, facelift surgery for Miami patients has become sophisticated enough to provide you with more opportunities to look your best. There are regular and mini procedures. You can also have multiple procedures done. That is the concept behind the first facelift. This is your first facelift surgery. This is when you started on your path to cosmetic surgery beautification.

Second Facelift

The ageing process cannot be stopped, but its effects can be minimized with plastic surgery. A second facelift can be done later on in life. Was the first procedure done correctly? If not, facelift revision surgery or corrective facelift surgery is a possibility. Believe it or not, the second facelift recovery time might be shorter. Your body has acclimated to the procedure and knows what to do. This allows you to return to your regular schedule faster. Every year, the cosmetic surgery technology is improving. If you have had a facelift done a while ago, you might be able to enjoy less invasive technology for your second facelift. These modern procedures include dermal fillers, fat transfer and perioral rejuvenation. See what is available.

What to Expect during you First Facelift

Higher beauty expectations have created a more demanding cosmetic surgery schedule. Some experts believe that a facelift should be updated every 10 to 15 years or so. These can represent a new phase in your life. Your first facelift surgery can help you reduce those wrinkles and tighten up your features. Of course, it all depends on your personal characteristics. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and fitness regime. With all of these elements, you can live the best life. We want you to look your best. Facelift surgery in Miami has become much more sophisticated. We can help you fix many different types of blemishes, oddities or issues. Our facelift surgeon can show you facelift before and after pictures to see what is possible. Get started with a consultation – we can discuss your needs.

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