Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Facelift Procedures?

/Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Facelift Procedures?
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Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Facelift Procedures?

Many people erroneously feel that a facelift is only for women. There is a male facelift too. Is there a difference between male and female facelift procedures?

Male Facelift – Facial Hair

Women are more tuned into their beauty. This is reflected in regular beauty salon trips, hair care products and cosmetic procedures. Only one out of ten facelifts are performed on men. Still, in the modern culture, appearance is becoming the difference between success and failure. The male facelift will target different characteristics and requires the facelift surgeon to work around different masculine facial realities. First of all, men have more facial hair. Therefore, male cosmetic surgery procedures might try to make incisions in an area where a beard can naturally hide the resulting scar. A good facelift surgeon will need to ensure that the hairline regrowth, after the procedure, looks as natural as possible.

Male Facelift – Larger Faces 

Secondly, men are bigger and have more blood vessels in their faces. This can be a key issue for male facelift recovery. It is important for men to minimize their exertion after the facelift procedure to minimize blood flow, bleeding and swelling. Thirdly, men have thicker skin, literally. A male face lift is more likely to be used on the neck and lower jaw to remove turkey jowls. The thicker skin is more difficult to stretch to the desired shape. Women’s skin is more pliable and can be made tighter, more easily with these cosmetic procedures.

Male Facelift – Sharper Square Angles

Female features tend to be softer and curvier. Fourthly, male features are more sharp, square and firm. Therefore, the goal of the facelift surgeon will be different for men. He will want to maintain the square jaw masculine features and simply accentuate them. In general, more can be done with a female facelift due to the thin, pliable skin. The goals of the male face lift are focused more clearly on removing turkey jowls and creating or maintaining a solid jaw line. During facelift recovery, the larger size of the male face will also require more care with respect to ensuring that bleeding is minimized. So, if you are ready for a male facelift, then schedule a consultation. We look forward to discussing all the advantages of this procedure. Men need to look handsome to project their best image. Find out how you can improve your life with a male face lift.

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