Facelifts for Men: Inside the Procedure

/Facelifts for Men: Inside the Procedure
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Facelifts for Men: Inside the Procedure

In this visually-oriented world, a man’s appearance can be an important factor in the way that others treat you. Facelifts for men are becoming more popular: get inside the procedure to find out what is involved. This will help you decide if a male facelift is right for you.

Man’s Chiseled Chin Symbolizes Strength

A man’s chiseled chin symbolizes your toughness, vigor and strength. It is kind of like large biceps. It shows that you are determined, focused and resilient. For many men, fixing your chin or jowls will be the main cosmetic concern. Some might want to remove bags under their eyes also. Men have thicker skin than women. Therefore, when our board certified facelift surgeon makes his incision, he must be careful. Men actually have more blood vessels in their face than women. These assist with the growth of sideburns and beards.

More Male Blood Vessels

Plastic surgeons might use a different incision on men than on women. Generally, for a facelift, this is done on the forehead near the hairline. The goal is to use the hair to hide the incision. The incision continues near the ear. Our plastic facelift surgeon admits that women’s incisions are easier to conceal because most women have more hair. Our facelift specialist will try to make the incision, so it does not interfere with your sideburns and can be somewhat concealed near your ear. Since men have more blood vessels, recovery is very important. Avoid any blood pressure to the face to enjoy the best benefits of this cosmetic surgery procedure.

Facelifts For Men Recovery Routine

If you want to look younger and other methods have not worked, then a man’s facelift might be the answer. Keep up with the others around you. When you look younger, you will feel younger and have more energy. A male facelift can be used to deal with facial irregularities. Carefully follow all of our facelift recovery guidelines, especially with respect to bleeding. If you want to rejuvenate your love life or advance your career, then a facelift might do wonders. It allows you to better grow into your skin. Youthful appearances project vigor, vitality and strength. Control your destiny, by controlling your looks. Our professional staff will answer any questions you have for facelift recovery. We will assist with prescription pain medication and regular checkups. Schedule a consultation to look your best.

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