What Are the Most Popular Facelift Techniques?

/What Are the Most Popular Facelift Techniques?
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What Are the Most Popular Facelift Techniques?

I see so many people with perfect faces, but they pretend they haven’t had anything done. I am sure they had cosmetic surgery. What are the most popular facelift techniques in Miami, FL?

Mini Facelift

Society has become so fast-paced with drive-thrus that some people want fast cosmetic surgery results. The mini facelift (or weekend facelift) offers immediate results. With these, the facelift surgeon will make a small incision under your hairline. The hope is that your hair will eventually cover any scars. Your facelift surgeon will tighten your skin and remove any excess tissue. This can make your jowls and neck look better. The goal of weekend facelifts is to have them done on Friday, so you can return to work with a beautiful face on Monday. Of course, the changes are less dramatic than a conventional facelift. These might be better for those who want an immediate improvement from the sagging turkey jowls, associated with aging.

S Lift

Developing turkey jowls or sagging neck muscles can make you feel like you are losing your youthful energy and vigor. These issues simply make you look slower than others. It may not be true. Unfortunately, people will make assessments based on your appearance. The S-Lift might be useful for the middle aged. This S facelift technique can help people look vibrant at work or play. It might be useful for those changing careers. Like the weekend lift, the S facelift is one of the less invasive facelift techniques allowing you to recover faster. This involves an “S” shaped incision used to tighten the muscles and tissue.

Conventional Facelift Techniques

The conventional facelift (or traditional facelift) is the most common full facelift techniques in Miami. This is ideal for fixing moderate to significant aging issues. Incisions might be made around the ears, in the hairline and under the chin. Neck muscles are sutured together to create a well-defined neckline. Excess fat in the neck and jowls is removed. This is best for achieving long lasting results. Most patients can return to work after 10 days. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon can explain what can be achieved with each facelift technique. You might want to review facelift before and after pictures. These can be great visual guides to help you understand what to expect. The sooner you complete a beautifying facelift procedure, the sooner you will be looking great.

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