Why People Travel to Miami for Facelift Surgery

/Why People Travel to Miami for Facelift Surgery
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Why People Travel to Miami for Facelift Surgery

Are the plastic surgery beauty standards the same in every city? What are some of the differences? Learn why people travel to Miami for facelift surgery at Miami Plastic Surgery.

Facelift Surgery Provides Fountain of Youth

There have been many stories about the “Fountain of Youth” hearkening back to 5th century B.C. Rumors abound concerning Spanish Conquistador Ponce de Leon searching for the “Fountain of Youth” in Florida. Miami, Florida is such a beautiful town that people associate it with youthfulness, vigor and energy. Young people rush to the Miami beaches during Spring Break. Miami has benefited from these associations and is becoming one of the top plastic surgery tourist destinations. Modern facelift surgery in Miami can be completed over a weekend. Therefore, people are taking sabbaticals to Miami to regain their youthful energy and change their appearance with plastic surgery.

Nip Tuck Show

Entertainment can have a dramatic effect on the perceptions of individuals. Many people watched the “Dallas” television show and associated it with the oil industry. The same can be said for the “Nip Tuck” television show – it took place in Miami and some will associate it with the plastic surgery industry. “Miami Vice” was another influential television show with hip police officers wearing Miami fashion. There is a growing association with Miami being a melting pot of wealthy, young people. There are many senior citizens who retire in Miami. This has also boosted the facelift surgery industry. While all cities have professional plastic surgeons, each has his own unique concept of beauty. Many people are flocking to Miami because they love the Miami look. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon exemplifies the professional education, skills and techniques of the Miami cosmetic surgery industry. He has been named one of the Top Plastic Surgeons by local and national media. These awards are given to the plastic surgeons whom other plastic surgeons would send their loved ones to. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon individualizes each procedure to each patient.

Vibrant Miami Culture

There is a vibrant Miami spirit of free expression. People can show off their own personalities and enjoy some of the best weather in the world. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon does not believe in the cookie cutter facelift surgery at Miami Plastic Surgery. He wants to create the most natural look, which fits in with the Miami culture. Miami is warm, chic and youthful – people travel to Miami for a Miami Facelift Surgery to find the “Fountain of Youth.”

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