What Health Issues Can Exclude You from Facelift Surgery?

/What Health Issues Can Exclude You from Facelift Surgery?
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What Health Issues Can Exclude You from Facelift Surgery?

Many plastic surgery clients consider a facelift surgery as a minor surgical procedure with very few potentially bad outcomes. That is absolutely a false concept. A Miami facelift surgery is still a surgical procedure and complications are always possible. However, most of these complications arise from preexisting health conditions that were not discussed with the doctor before performing the procedure. While the number of medical issues that could impact a surgery are minimal, there are still very serious considerations to discuss with the surgeon.


Hemophilia is a serious congenital disease that affects many individuals. The blood consistency of hemophiliacs can be very problematic when any surgery is performed because stopping the bleeding is one of the very first recovery concerns of the surgeon and is of utmost concern with operating on hemophilia patients. Not all hemophilia sufferers are restricted from a facelift Miami procedure, but it is still a serious decision that requires consideration of all factors. Severity of the hemophilia disorders can also vary, as some hemophiliacs are not as serious as others.

Circulatory Disease

Many individuals who have circulatory problems must be very careful before undergoing any surgery, facelift included. These patients are commonly prescribed warfarin as a blood thinner that can be controlled by monthly testing. In some instances a patient can be given a smaller dose of warfarin for the days immediately prior to the surgery, which allows their blood to coagulate to the level of clotting on the surface following the surgery. The ultimate issue is the consistency of the blood thickness at the time of the procedure, which can be managed.

Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory problems can also be prohibitive for certain patients, based on the situation. Facelift surgery can sometimes be a necessary medical procedure, such as reconstruction work following an auto accident, and circulatory issues are not necessarily the problem. Patients who have respiratory disorders do not always tolerate the anesthesia applications and experience periods of inadequate oxygen in the system while unconscious during surgery. While this does not prohibit the surgery necessarily, the situation will require very close monitoring during the procedure. This in turn makes the surgery more complicated in many situations when additional doctors are required for patient safety.

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