Mini Facelift or Facelift Procedure – How to Choose the Right Option

/Mini Facelift or Facelift Procedure – How to Choose the Right Option
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Mini Facelift or Facelift Procedure – How to Choose the Right Option

Dr Michael Kelly is a Miami based certified facelift plastic surgeon with 23 years of plastic and reconstructive surgery experience. He uses innovative techniques to get natural looking results that leave a younger and rejuvenated appearance. Many patients desire a realistic result. They want to look like themselves only younger. This surgeon is located at Miami Plastic Surgery in sunny Florida. During a thorough consultation, Dr. Kelly performs an in-depth assessment to determine whether a full facelift procedure or mini facelift should be undertaken. He is known for his highly individualized surgical techniques that focus on fat grafts to restore a younger looking and very natural facial appearance.

Dr. Michael Kelly Facelift & Mini Facelift Procedure

More people are choosing facelift surgery or the less extensive mini facelift alternative that lifts eyes, cheeks and more. Patients desire realistic and believable facial surgery results. Others notice how wonderful and youthful the patient appears. Facelift procedure results reveal a gorgeous complexion with plumper facial areas typical in younger individuals. Dr. Kelly is skilled in expertly performing fat grafts to the facial structures that have lost fat through the years. Most plastic surgeons avoid these more advanced plastic surgery procedures. The before and after photos of Dr. Kelly’s satisfied patients show dramatic facial improvements that still have surprisingly natural effects.

Facelift Procedure Popularity

These cosmetic surgeries have been popular with celebrities over the years. Facelift Miami procedures are now becoming more prevalent with ordinary society members. Dr. Kelly has been a respected sought after facelift plastic surgeon since the early 1990’s. This specialist does not just give cookie cutter results. He provides amazing personalized facelift results that leave the patient looking like a better version of their pre-surgery likenesses. As individuals age, they begin to lose deep fat deposits from their facial structures. With Dr. Kelly’s cutting edge fat grafting targeted procedures, the fat is replaced to achieve remarkable skin tone that is noticeably refreshed.

Contact Miami Plastic Surgery Surgeon Dr. Michael Kelly

When prospective patients contact Dr. Michael Kelly in his Miami practice, they are astonished by the facial plastic surgical options. This talented facelift plastic surgeon tailors his surgical plan to give every patient a custom look. With facial fat volume restored, the patient’s facial contours reveal younger skin that is toned and beautiful. This precision surgeon can tighten muscles putting tension on deeper structures so the result never looks overdone and unnatural. Some patients benefit from excess skin removal from neck and jaw as well.

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