How to Keep Your Face Looking Great Post-facelift

/How to Keep Your Face Looking Great Post-facelift
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How to Keep Your Face Looking Great Post-facelift

Preparing for your facelift surgery recovery is an important requirement for the best results. Former clients have shared their secrets on how to manage during this time. Here are tips on how to keep your face looking great post facelift in Miami.

Beauty Salon Before Facelift

One of the primary tricks of women, who have undergone facelift surgery in Miami, is to visit a beauty salon before the procedure. Get a manicure and pedicure. During recovery, you probably shouldn’t bend over. Furthermore, your face will have some bruising and tenderness, so application of makeup may be difficult. Have your hair done in a style that is easy to maintain. Perhaps, you could put it up in a bun to keep strands out of your eyes and face. Purchase supplies to clean your face, while you are in bed – like cotton swabs, medicated wipes, lip balm and such. Many stores have small travel packs of toiletries. Use the medicated wipes and cotton swabs to delicately dab away any dirt to prevent infection. Be gentle, your skin might be tender.


Swelling can be reduced with ice cubes, packs, peas and even spoons. The spoons can be used to control swelling inside the mouth. When you concentrate on minimizing swelling this will reduce bruising. As your scars heal, your bruising will be reduced. Ice can also be used to help you regulate your temperature. Also, use blankets.


You might want to purchase a hat and scarf to hide any facelift surgery bruising. Buy a big, loose soft hat for your hair; you could even get ear flaps, if you want. A winter stocking cap might be the best – it can keep you warm. Scarves are wonderful accessories because you can do so much with them. You might want to buy cheap, easy to wash scarves; there might still be some blood or oozing liquids from your incisions. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon will continue to observe you during your post facelift surgery for Miami checkups. He will look for any warning signs of infection. Keep your face clean. You can hide the bruising while your face heals. Dr. Michael Kelly Miami facelift plastic surgeon can prescribe pain medication, so you will be well-taken care of. Take some time off and rest. After a little recovery time, you will be able to enjoy the full fruits of your brand new face.

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