What to Look for During Your Facelift Consultation

/What to Look for During Your Facelift Consultation
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What to Look for During Your Facelift Consultation

The standard facelift Miami surgery has been around for many years. It’s designed to tighten your facial features so that a youthful appearance is the result. There are many doctors who offer this procedure today. Patients might be concerned about their initial consultation, however. Be educated about your procedure by knowing what to look out for during a consultation. Key elements must be part of the scenario.

Accreditation and Experience with Facelift Miami Surgery

The first thing to look for during your consultation is the doctor’s education and experience. Ask about their medical license and association with the plastic-surgery community. Ideally, your doctor should have more than a decade of experience.

Ask about facelift before and after photos. Reputable doctors may offer these photos before you even ask for them too. They’re usually proud of their work and want to show it off.

A Personal Approach

Plastic surgery isn’t designed to be a standard procedure. Each patient has unique needs and contours. Your consultation should always include a personal touch. He might take an image of your face and use it for virtual purposes. With a computer’s help, your image can be changed into the results from surgery. Discuss your desires with the doctor so that the intended image is everything that you’ve dreamed about.

Transparent Instructions

During the consultation, the doctor should give you a clear picture of the preparation, procedure and recovery periods. Vague instructions tend to set off alarms with patients. You have a right to know about the benefits and drawbacks to the procedure.

The doctor should go over his expectations of the patient too. Each procedure has its own challenges, which are shared by both parties. When doctors and patients work as a team, the surgery can go as smoothly as possible.

Strong Communication During facelift Miami Recovery

Ask the doctor about facelift Miami communication after the procedure. There should be follow up appointments and easy access to the professionals if there are any complications. With experienced doctors, any complications are extremely rare. You’re welcome to ask questions about recovery so that you know what is normal or not.

If your doctor’s facelift Miami consultation seems to overlook the importance of communication, consider a second opinion. You shouldn’t feel isolated from the professionals as you heal.

For more information, contact Dr Michael Kelly today at 305-595-2969. His Miami practice is well known in the area. Facelift Miami surgery doesn’t have to be intimidating. Consider a new look, and the doctor will do his best to help you out.

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