Facial Implants and Facelifts – a Quick Guide

/Facial Implants and Facelifts – a Quick Guide
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Facial Implants and Facelifts – a Quick Guide

I have some issues with my face, what can facelift implants accomplish? Who is the best candidate for facial cosmetic surgery? Find answers in Facelift Implants and Facials – A Quick Guide.

Facelift Implants

Some patients have more severe issues with their face. You might have had a birth defect, disease or severe car accident. You might want a dramatic change in the overall structure of your face. Thankfully, modern medicine has provided you with a number of facelift implants that deliver more complete changes to your facial structure. You might consider jaw, cheek or chin implants. The jaw implant can be placed under the lower lip. Dissolvable sutures will be used to secure it in place. The cheek implant can be placed through your upper lip or through your lower eyelid. The chin implant is placed through your lower lip or under your chin. Usually, these procedures take less than 2 hours to complete. Recovery might only take a week; have someone pick you up after the procedure.

Mini Facelift

The mini facelift (weekend facelift) can be completed on Friday, allowing you to return to work on Monday. Aging can gradually lead to your face developing wrinkles and sagging. Bunched wrinkles, turkey jowls and sagging neck muscles can be improved with a plastic surgery facelift. Some people might simply want a touch up to make them feel better. They might have a special event, like a wedding to attend the next week. Actresses might due this before a photo shoot or movie.

Looking Younger

During facelift surgery, there are three facial issues that are improved: 1. Neck Fat, 2. Sagging Muscle and 3. Excess Skin. Different facelift implants and facelift procedures will focus on different areas. The traditional facelift will improve your full face and neck. A neck lift concentrates on turkey jowls and sagging neck muscles. These can create a more defined look in your jawline. Aging is something that everyone must deal with; thankfully, modern facelifts give you a fighting chance to maintain your beauty. A lot can be accomplished with the modern plastic surgery facelift. The best way to get started is to schedule a consultation. We can look at your face and you can tell us what you would like to improve. Then, we can discuss whether a mini facelift, facial implant or another facelift surgery type will deliver the best results.

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