Beautiful Facelifts Focus on These Key Areas of the Face

/Beautiful Facelifts Focus on These Key Areas of the Face
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Beautiful Facelifts Focus on These Key Areas of the Face

A facelift focus on key facial areas gives a better end result. There are different ways to perform this surgery, and a talented plastic surgeon will have the best chance of giving each patient a completely individualized surgical plan that ideally suits their needs and wishes. Basically, the points on the face that a facelift targets depends on whether the surgeon is only tightening the skin with a mini facelift, or if focusing on the lower half of the face that would focus on cheeks, jawline and possible liposuction or lift of the neck.

Facelift Focus 

Some women opt to have their lateral brows lifted with either upper or lower eye area lifts to enhance a less extensive mini facelift. Dr Michael Kelly of Miami Plastic Surgery is highly regarded for his beautiful facelift surgery results. He ensures that each patient has a realistic view on the expected post surgical results by showing prospective patients revealing facelift before and after photos. A positive attitude regarding surgical expectations goes a long way in overall patient satisfaction.

Facelift Focus Detailed Evaluations

Traditional full facelifts generally also improve the subdermal and muscle tissue layers beneath the skin also. While most mini facelifts only require a thin scar hidden around the ear, a full facelift requires some incisions higher at sideburn area and hairline crown region. Dr. Kelly will perform a detailed evaluation and exam at each patient’s fist consultation appointment. He often recommends replacing fat volume at areas where this is lost as someone ages. This is done by way of fat transfer grafts and injections. Many patients also undergo a skin revitalizing laser skin resurfacing procedure concurrently with the facelift for a truly gorgeous complexion. This reveals younger and more illuminated facial skin to complement the surgery.

Get The Results You Desire With A Surgical Facelift Focus Plan

While there are differing ways to perform this popular now in Miami procedure, the surgeon determines the surgical plan that the facelift focus is based on. Dr Michael Kelly is able to create sensational results that makes the patient still look like themselves only better. Sometimes a necklift is also completed to showcase the beautifying after effects. To discover firsthand how Dr Michael Kelly transforms his patient’s appearance without resulting in that undesirable “deer in the headlight” surprised expression common with facelifts performed in decades past. Browse the array of facelift before and after pictures by accessing our Miami facelift focus page. Call 305-595-2969 soon for appointment scheduling.

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