Facelift Costs – a Quick Guide

/Facelift Costs – a Quick Guide
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Facelift Costs – a Quick Guide

Many Miami, Fl area residents and the local medical community trust Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon to deliver exceptional cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kelly specializes in facial and neck plastic surgeries among other cosmetic procedures. His talent and motto to give each patient a customized care plan continues to pay off with many happy and satisfied patients. In this article we will breakdown the facelift costs guide for a better understanding of what goes into a Miami facelift surgery.

Review This Practical Facelift Costs Guide

Most cosmetic procedures traditionally have not been routinely covered by standard medical insurance plans. However, there are some health insurance plans today that do cover specific procedures if the patient meets certain criteria. Prospective patients concerned about costs for a facelift should set up a convenient and no obligation consultation with our office. At that time, prospective patients can review our practical facelift costs guide and other pertinent information about the desired cosmetic procedure. Typical costs vary depending on they type of facelift performed, any special health concerns, operating room time and supplies used and many other factors. Our friendly and qualified office staff are glad to assist patients in available financial options.

How Popular is Facelift Surgery in Miami?

The number of women and men that undergo some type of facelift procedure in the Miami area of Florida increases each year. Both mini-facelifts and full facelift procedures are becoming very popular in this warm weather region. It is crucial to find the right surgeon to perform this delicate cosmetic procedure. Dr. Michael Kelly is considered a leading plastic surgeon with a focus on facial cosmetic surgeries and treatments. Sometimes, other cosmetic procedures are performed along with a facelift that can include eyebrow lifts, neck lifts and more.

What to Expect After Facelift Surgery

Patients will have ample opportunity to discuss what they should expect before, during and after their facelift surgery during the initial consultation appointment. The surgeon often utilizes 3-D imaging to give an idea of how the procedure will change the patient’s current state. Patients commonly spend a day or two in hospital following more extensive facelift procedure, and those receiving mini-facelifts will be discharged earlier. Any discomfort can be effectively treated, and this will pass in the initial first few days. All of the recovery details will be reviewed, and patients gradually resume normal activities within 2-3 weeks. Learn more regarding facelift costs guide and surgery by contacting us today via phone or online.

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