How Your Face Ages – Insight from Miami Facelift Specialists

/How Your Face Ages – Insight from Miami Facelift Specialists
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How Your Face Ages – Insight from Miami Facelift Specialists

Society places a great deal of stress on women’s beauty, but men get wrinkles too. Men and women might want a facelift from Miami plastic surgeons to recapture the Fountain of Youth. Here is a guide on how your face ages – insight from Miami facelift specialists.

Miami Facelift will help with Collagen Depletion

Both men and women rely on natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep their skin supple, flexible and resilient. When you smile or frown, the correct facial muscles tense up, so you can express yourself. Then, they return to their normal shape. The problem is that older people find that their facial muscles are stuck in the same expression; the skin does not return to its previous shape. It is similar to when your pillow still shows the indentation of your head after you wake up. Depleted collagen can lead to creases, wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet or other ill effects of aging.

Miami Facelift Will Reduce Female Wrinkles

A woman’s beauty is cherished and a way in which women can make their impact on the world. Female estrogen will tend to favor fat and water retention to help with pregnancy. Women see the loss of fullness in their cheeks, along with lines in forehead, under eyes and around the mouth. Mothers will tend to use their facial expressions to display their moods. Therefore, while both men and women suffer from aging, the loss of suppleness is more severe for women. It can prevent them from communicating properly, using non-verbal signals. Instead of sending a positive message, a permanent frown line might send the wrong message. It also makes you look permanently dour. Women might want a facelift surgeon to help them regain their youthful appearance and facial, non-verbal communication powers.

Miami Facelift: The Male Turkey Jowl

Do men age more gracefully than women? Of course, there is no simple answer, but the International Dermal Institute states that male skin is 25% thicker and less susceptible to aging. Men’s skin is better moisturized. Men sweat more. A strong chin is a symbol of strength, endurance and perseverance in men. Therefore, a male facelift surgeon might be asked to correct a double chin, sagging jowl and turkey neck. Discover what our facelift surgeon can do to counter the effects of aging. Contact us, we discuss your options, along with facelift recovery. You can’t stop aging, but you can hide the effects with a facelift in Miami.

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