What cosmetic issues can a necklift surgery correct?

/What cosmetic issues can a necklift surgery correct?
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What cosmetic issues can a necklift surgery correct?

Visible signs of aging along the neck and jawline can cause a person to look older, tired, and worn out. Necklift surgery can reduce signs of aging caused by time, heredity, and gravity. A “turkey waddle” and double chin can be diminished during necklift surgery to provide a beautifully shaped neckline. Necklift surgery can help a patient look years younger by removing hanging skin and excess fat from the neck and jowls

A necklift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck, such as:

  • Excess fat and skin relaxation in the lower face that creates jowls
  • Tightening of the platysma muscle in the midline and an inferior release to improve the neck contour.
  • Shaving of the Digastric muscles as needed
  • Shaving of the Submandibular glands as needed
  • Fat removal from areas of excess and fat grafting to areas of fat loss.
  • Removal of excess skin without tension
  • Muscle banding in the neck, which created abnormal contours

The loss of youthful contours in the face and neck can be due to a variety of factors, including heredity, gravity, environmental conditions, and stress.

Some people feel they are not ready for a full facelift because the upper face is still pleasing. However, many patients will note excess wrinkling of the neck skin, a “turkey neck” or double chin, and jowl lines.

In addition to aging at the skin and platysma level, aging can also occur at the deeper levels of the neck such as the sub-platysma fat, digastric muscles, and submandibular glands. Unlike many surgeons, Dr. Michael Kelly is comfortable with the surgical correction of these areas as well.

When the neck area doesn’t match the upper facial appearance, a neck lift may be a good solution.

Dr. Michael Kelly tailors each surgery to meet the individual patient’s needs, which allows for a better outcome for a variety of facial types

If you are considering necklift surgery in Miami, FL with Dr. Michael Kelly, a board certified plastic surgeon at Miami Plastic Surgery® call us today at 305.595.2969. Schedule a consultation today!

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