What Cosmetic Issues Can Be Cured With a Necklift

/What Cosmetic Issues Can Be Cured With a Necklift

What Cosmetic Issues Can Be Cured With a Necklift

You can do sit-ups for a sagging belly, but what can you do for a sagging jawline? Unfortunately, a turkey wattle might be more visible and worrisome than a big belly. Are these the types of cosmetic issues that can be cured with a necklift surgery in Miami?

Miami Necklift Raises Expectations

Double chins, turkey necks and sagging jowls can make you look older than you really are. These can be particularly difficult to fix because they are in the lower part of your face. What might these jowls consist of? If you have gained or lost weight, you might have loose skin, excess fatty deposits or muscle banding in your neck region. Although your body is an amazing machine, it has a problem reducing weight equally in all parts of your body. A neck lift surgery (lower rhytidectomy) can tighten up your skin, remove excess fat and relax your muscles. Abnormal contours, lines and shapes can be smoothed out. What is the cause of these negative traits? It could be simply age, gravity, heredity or stress in your environment. If you are not able to change a stressful work environment, at least you can ensure that your body does not look worse for the wear.

Uplifting Experience with a Miami Necklift

Over time, stress can build up in your neck and back muscles. These are important pathways for your body’s central nervous system, leading to your brain. When you have muscle binding in your jawline, it can lead to headaches and make you frown more. The lower necklift procedure is aimed primarily at your jawline – it is useful when your upper face still looks fine. Of course, we can combine procedures during your necklift surgery, if you so desire. Perhaps, eyelid surgery, a brow lift or fat transfer might suit you. These allow you to create a more youthful appearance overall.

Regain Confidence with a Miami Necklift

We live in a visual world. Dr. Michael Kelly plastic surgeon can help you look your best with necklift surgery. When you want to stop the signs of aging, then contact Dr Michael Kelly plastic surgeon. We will discuss all of your needs and examine your neckline during your initial consultation. Some areas of your body are particularly difficult to control, like your jawline. Each individual has slightly different issues. We will take good care of you and help you cure your cosmetic issues with necklift surgery.

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