Should you combine a necklift with a facelift procedure?

/Should you combine a necklift with a facelift procedure?
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Should you combine a necklift with a facelift procedure?

More people than ever before are electing to have a facelift procedure that can take years off of their appearance. Facelift procedure results performed by a talented plastic surgeon are simply amazing. Sometimes, a patient opts for a simpler and less invasive mini facelift for a natural end result. A plastic surgery facelift procedure increases tone, improves facial structures and leaves skin feeling refreshed with rejuvenated facial features. A complimentary necklift surgery is often recommended also for effective facial improvement techniques. A Miami necklift surgery can help tone the neck muscles. Neck areas age quickly, and having a necklift enhances the younger appearance that facelift patients are desiring.

Facelift Procedure Provides Youthful Appearance

The healthy fat deposits that give younger people that youthful appearance start decreasing rapidly as individuals get older. Facelift surgery intended to bring forth those youthful facial appearance elements can happen when a plastic surgeon proficient in newer plastic facial and neck advanced procedures performs these deeper surgical restorations. Dr. Michael Kelly doesn’t recommend skin tightening procedures without extra measures that prevent an unwanted too skin tightened unnatural post-surgical effect. Dr. Kelly has been certified in advanced surgical techniques that enable better after procedure incredibly natural results.

Accomplished Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael kelly

This accomplished plastic surgeon offers mini facelifts for qualified candidates. This is often a good choice for younger patients that only need improvement in specific areas. Patients are overwhelmingly happy with their appearance following a cosmetic facelift performed by the renowned Dr. Kelly of Miami Plastic Surgery office. He employs several groundbreaking techniques able to elevate the after plastic surgery facelift appearance. Women that begin to show signs of aging often have sun damaged facial skin and decreased amounts of the desired fat deposits that round out their eye, cheek, jaw and lip facial structures. Dr. Kelly has the ability to replenish the fatty deposits to create a completely natural overall appearance that his patients yearn for.

Contact Dr. Michael Kelly for your Facelift & Necklift Procedure

Necks are sometimes lifted to complement facelift procedures. The combination of a carefully tailored facelift procedure with an accompanying strategic necklift surgery brings forth beautiful aesthetics. Patients love their newfound younger appearance with enhanced facial characteristics that others may be jealous over. During a comfortable consultation, Dr. Kelly evaluates and listens to the patient’s desires and surgical expectations. An effective necklift surgery is often advised by this plastic surgeon to accompany a planned mini facelift or a comprehensive plastic surgery facelift.

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