24 05, 2018
  • Lower Rhytidectomy

What Is a Lower Rhytidectomy?

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Some of these cosmetic surgery procedures can use names that are a bit confusing. What exactly is a lower rhytidectomy procedure? What issues can it fix? Turkey Jowls No one really wants to have the ill effects of aging, called turkey jowls. Instead of having tight, strong neck muscles, the muscles start to droop under

5 10, 2016
  • what is a rhytidectomy

What is a rhytidectomy?

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A rhytidectomy, or facelift, is a procedure performed to tighten the skin and deeper tissues around the face and neck. One can ignore the signs of aging as long as they choose but the effects are inevitable; skin begins to sag, deep creases form, and fat and volume are lost.  There comes a point in

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