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20 06, 2018
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Tips for Making Your Necklift Surgery Recovery More Comfortable

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What should you do and what should you buy before your necklift surgery? Learn 3 valuable tips for making your necklift surgery recovery more comfortable from those who had the procedure done. Preparation pays off. Necklift Surgery Recovery Tip #1: Various Types of Ice Anything worthwhile takes time and your necklift procedure is no different.

6 06, 2018
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What Results Should You Expect from Necklift Surgery?

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As you age, you might see some dramatic changes in your lower face and neck. These might not be the most attractive features and you might contemplate necklift in Miami. What results should you expect from necklift surgery in Miami? Tighter Skin Have you ever marveled at the soft, supple skin of babies? When you

26 09, 2017
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Neck Chords and Skin Laxity – Why it Happens and What to Do About It

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When you age, there are a number of unseemly conditions that might arise. Wrinkles could lead to turkey neck, double jowls, double chins or neck chords (neck bands). Why do neck chords appear? What can be done about it? Is necklift surgery in Miami right for you? Correct Loose Neck Skin with Necklift Surgery Gobble,

16 06, 2017
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Tips for Making Your Necklift Surgery Recovery More Comfortable

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Sometimes, fear of pain is the only thing preventing you from taking an action. Thankfully, there is plenty of pain medication to ameliorate your suffering. Here are some tips to assist with recovery after necklift surgery. Reasons for Necklift Procedure "Why do you want necklift surgery?" Your necklift before and after will be based on

15 06, 2017

What Results Should You Expect From Necklift Surgery?

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As your body grows older, the skin and muscles don't have their previous bounce. In fact, you'll notice sagging and skin folds developing across several key areas. Your neck is constantly being stretched and moved as you react to everyday activities. It makes sense that the neck will show its age much faster than other

22 03, 2017
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What cosmetic issues can a necklift surgery correct?

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Visible signs of aging along the neck and jawline can cause a person to look older, tired, and worn out. Necklift surgery can reduce signs of aging caused by time, heredity, and gravity. A “turkey waddle” and double chin can be diminished during necklift surgery to provide a beautifully shaped neckline. Necklift surgery can help

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