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31 07, 2018
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How Long Will Necklift Procedure Results Last?

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Many individuals begin to notice that the tender skin and underlying muscles of the neck start to sag as they get older. Gravity plays a significant role in the development of loose jowls and a less tighten jawline. Other reasons for this commonly called "turkey neck" condition include genetics, weight gain and other health issues.

28 12, 2017
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How to Treat Bruising After a Necklift Procedure

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What should be done during necklift recovery? Are bruising, swelling and tightness, the primary issues? Discover how to treat bruising after a necklift procedure in Miami. Ice is Nice After Necklift Procedure Swelling, bruising and tightness are common in the first couple of days, but should improve gradually. Before the procedure, you could visit the

27 11, 2017
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How Necklift Procedures Can Preserve Your Jawline

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Have you recently been seriously injured in an accident? If so, you may have received injuries that threaten your jawline and overall physical appearance. This is more than merely a cosmetic issue. The health of your jawline is a matter of the most serious importance. You may require a necklift procedure or mini facelift surgery

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