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7 08, 2018
  • Miami Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift or Botox? Here’s How to Decide What’s Right for You

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Many people desire to get a cosmetic surgery or treatment to improve their facial appearance. Botox injections are a minimally invasive treatment to fill in facial creases, wrinkles and other mars. Some individuals are interested in undergoing a Miami mini facelift surgery, but they are unsure what this procedure offers by way of benefits. What

20 07, 2018
  • Miami Mini Facelift

What Issues Can a Mini-facelift Fix?

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The term "mini-facelift" is used to indicate lifting and tightening skin tissue on just the lower portion of the face, and this surgery can also be done with a neck lift to fix sagging jowls and loose neck skin. The Miami Mini Facelift procedure is less invasive, and it involves just the dermal skin layers

13 06, 2018
  • mini facelift procedure

Your Mini Facelift Procedures and Recovery Questions

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How does a mini facelift differ from a regular facelift? Learn the characteristics of the mini facelift procedure from Miami Plastic Surgery. Get your facelift recovery questions answered today. Facelift Procedures The cosmetic surgery industry has done its best to listen to the public and tailor procedures to their busy schedules. We have learned that

5 03, 2018
  • Mini facelift vs full facelift

Mini-facelift or Full Facelift? Here’s How to Decide

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Miami plastic surgeons have a variety of cosmetic procedures available. Mini facelift vs full facelift - which is best? Here's how to decide. Full Facelift Characteristics The full facelift is a way to correct sagging, wrinkles and loose skin due to aging, weight change or damage due to accidents. The full facelift procedure involves incisions

21 12, 2017
  • mini facelift

The Gift of Self-confidence: Treating Yourself to a Mini Facelift This Christmas from Dr. Michael Kelly

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What do you give to someone, who needs a boost? How about self-confidence? The gift of self-confidence: Treating yourself to a mini facelift this Christmas from Dr. Michael Kelly - this might be one of the best gifts ever. Five Hour Confidence Drink You might have seen those five hour energy drinks on the grocery

18 08, 2017
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Your Mini Facelift Recovery Questions Answered

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For many of our clients, the mini facelift surgery is ideal for removing some wrinkles and tightening the skin. Regain your youthful look. Here are your mini facelift recovery time questions answered. Mini Facelift Procedure For the mini facelift procedure, our board certified plastic surgeons will make incisions (usually behind the ear) to tighten the

19 06, 2017
  • Mini facelift procedure

Why to get a mini facelift procedure in Miami

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Plastic surgeons in the Miami area, such as Dr. Michael Kelly from Miami Plastic Surgery, have helped many overcome their mini facelift procedures with minimal downtime. Facelifts may be combined with a neck lift, Botox, and fillers to complete the age reversal of the face. Although this procedure is mostly preferred by women, there are still

17 05, 2017
  • mini facelift

What Is a Mini Facelift?

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The majority of skin and tissue damage that occurs on the face due to environmental exposure and aging is localized to the lower third of the face. This portion of the face contains the narrowest portion of the skull's bones and has the smallest amount of supportive muscle tissues. Elective mini facelift procedures are viable

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